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The Buyer Broker Option

Fortunately, buyers do have a choice. They can elect to work with a "buyer broker," an agent who will exclusively represent the buyer’s interest and is legally bound to negotiate the lowest price and most favorable terms for the buyer.

All Florida Realtor's are NOT the same. You may start off with a traditional Buyer's Agent and end up with something entirely different, a Transaction Broker that can't represent your BEST interests.

Buyer’s Broker Versus Transaction Broker

Florida Brokerages that have Listings with obligations to market and sell properties are known as "Transaction Brokerages". A Transaction Brokerage is simply a "facilitator" of a real estate transaction and by state law, does NOT provide Fiduciary Representation, Total Loyalty or Full Disclosure. These are all elements of an Agency / Agent relationship.

The issue of equal representation is more involved than who represents whom. It’s a matter of loyalty and money.

A Buyer Broker / Brokerage and its Exclusive Buyer Agents represent ONLY Buyers. A Buyers Brokerage NEVER has contractual obligations to Sellers. They have no obligation to present properties in the best possible light or to get the Sellers price.

Buyer Brokerages provide a commitment to Buyers that speaks volumes about integrity and dedication to the buyers best interest. With a Florida Exclusive Buyer Agent you are assured, Fiduciary Representation, Full Disclosure, Total Confidentiality and 100% Loyalty every step of the way. A Buyers Brokerage and its Exclusive Buyer Agents put the values of "AGENT / AGENCY" in Florida Real Estate.